Therese Karger-Lerchl

Senior Economist

Therese is a Senior Economist in the Cities and Infrastructure Practice. She advises private and public sector clients in the UK and in developing countries on urban economic development strategies with a focus on the role of built, digital and green infrastructures. Projects focus on applying natural capital accounts to strategic planning and sustainable development, and spatial analysis for the promotion of local economic development.

Prior to joining Vivid, Therese was a Consultant at the Open Data Institute, where she helped cities design strategies for data and digital infrastructure. As a Senior Economist at the South African National Treasury, she led on developing a sustainable framework for infrastructure financing in South African cities. She also worked at KPMG and GIZ, where she focused on public sector advisory and joining up economic research across emerging economies.

Therese has an MSc in Specialised Economic Analysis: International Trade, Finance and Development from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics as well as a BSc in International Economics from Maastricht University.

Therese is currently on maternity leave until October 2020, please direct any queries to James Patterson-Waterston during this time.

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Therese Karger-Lerchl

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