Rocio Garcia

Peru Lead

Rocio leads Vivid office in Peru and works as a Senior Economist and Local Project Manager in project work in finance, cities and infrastructure, climate strategy and natural resources. Her clients include multi-national companies, international organisations, NGOs and government agencies.

Prior to joining Vivid, Rocio worked for the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance, where she was in charge of coordinating the Climate Change Technical Unit, as part of her job she was a lead negotiator on market issues in UNFCCC. From 2016 to 2017 Rocio held the International Climate Fellowship from the Humboldt Foundation and was based in Berlin, Germany, working in the development of her research assignment, which focussed on climate finance. She has worked in other institutions: International Finance Corporation, Intermon Oxfam, Revenue Watch Institute, amongst others.

Rocio holds an MA in Ecological Economics from the ICTA-Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, and an MA in Public Management from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra-Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona and a BSc in Economics from the Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru.

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Rocio Garcia

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