Collaboration and challenge

We strive for a collaborative yet challenging professional environment that hones deep expertise, cultivates a passion for problem solving and creates an openness to diverse perspectives

Ownership and autonomy

We take pride and ownership in our work, nurture flexible and multifaceted approaches, and provide the autonomy for each of us to find their own work-life balance

Our diverse views and expertise are drawn together through a shared intellectual curiosity and dedication to putting economics to good use

Jason Eis (Executive Director)

With a clear strategy for planned growth in the future, now is an exciting time to be part of Vivid.  

James Patterson-Waterston (Director)

With the urgency of tackling climate change only increasing, there is still plenty of room to keep ‘putting economics to good use’ and it’s a pleasure to work with a genuinely passionate team while doing it.

Maarten Hage (Engagement Manager)

I’ve realized how much more fulfilling a job can be when surrounded by a team full of positivity, humour and intellectual creativity.

Shahbano Soomro (Senior Economist)

From day one, you have the opportunity to shape the solutions to meet society’s big challenges

Hywel Cleverdon (Economist)

At Vivid, the diverse focus areas along with a myriad of opportunities result in a culture of continuous learning, which I value greatly

Naina Khandewal (Economist)

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