Karan Jain


Karan joined Vivid Economics in December 2019, and he works across multiple practice groups.

His areas of expertise include econometrics and cost-benefit analysis.

Prior to joining Vivid Economics, Karan was as an economic consultant at DotEcon Limited, where he worked on cost-benefit analysis studies for telecommunication policies, especially on the design and implementation of a market/trading-regime for telecommunication spectrum licences. At DotEcon, he also worked extensively on the design and implementation of all aspects of high-value telecommunication spectrum auctions, including benchmarking studies to assess the monetary value of spectrum bands, using game theory and the theory of the firm to design auctions that yield efficient allocations (as well as other additional policy objectives of the client governments/regulators). He also has worked on anti-trust abuse of dominance cases.

Karan holds a bachelor’s degree (with honours) in mathematics from the University of Warwick, a master’s degree in mathematical modelling and scientific computing from the University of Oxford, and a master’s degree in economics from the University of Edinburgh.

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