Trends in Private Sector Climate Finance

Vivid Economics worked with the Climate Change Support Team of the United Nations Secretary-General to analyse the actions being taken by the investment and finance community on climate change.

The report finds that the finance community is emerging as a partner in the challenge of responding to climate change –
and that policy makers have an opportunity to both deepen and broaden this partnership. Actors from across the
sector and in all geographies are recognizing both the threats that climate change poses, but also the commercial opportunities it provides. They are responding with action, as illustrated by five key ‘inflection points’. The resulting momentum is in distinct contrast to the situation in the run up to COP 15 in Copenhagen. But gaps in private sector climate finance remain: investment
levels remain too low; not all countries are seeing benefits; and leadership by some in the sector is matched by inertia from others. Filling these gaps will, in turn, necessitate governments to address weaknesses in their own policy responses, requiring both national action and international cooperation.

Date: October 2015


The Climate Change Support Team of the United Nations Secretary-General




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