The Inevitable Policy Response Under Biden’s Climate Plan

The outcome of this year’s US election has an important bearing on climate policy in the next four years and to the Inevitable Policy Response project that forecasts a forceful policy response to climate by 2025. This paper outline 10 key points we believe would be addressed fully if a unified democratic government were confirmed and, even without the Senate, many of the initiatives listed should be enacted via Executive powers (the EPA being crucial), support from states, and a new stimulus package that reflects a compromise more favourable to the Democrats’ agenda.

  1. Re-join the Paris Agreement
  2. Seek greater global action through diplomatic, trade and financial channels
  3. Net zero emissions target by 2050
  4. Zero carbon electricity system by 2035
  5. Clean energy oriented interstate energy transmission regulation, permits and leasing of public lands
  6. Tighter fuel economy standards and enabling state action
  7. Major clean energy innovation program
  8. Reduce the carbon footprint of the national building stock by 50% by 2035.
  9. Program of economy-wide decarbonisation policies supported by substantial Federal spending
  10. We would add that many economists and business leaders have called for a carbon market with Border Cost Adjustments (BCA)


New Venture Fund and Moore Foundation


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