The impacts of off-grid solar lighting and electrification

GOGLA (Global Off-Grids Lighting Association) commissioned Vivid Economics to carry out a study on the potential employment impacts of the solar off-grid sector on labour markets in emerging economies.

This briefing note, the first in a series of three, evaluates current and future market conditions and employment survey data from GOGLA associated companies to estimate the gross employment opportunities in East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa and South Asia. It examines employment opportunities along the off-grid solar value chain in the region.

The next briefing notes will look at the nature of employment opportunities across the value chain, including skills levels, additionality and impact on incomes, and how these jobs will evolve as the products offered and business models mature. The third briefing note will examine the impact of off-grid solar productive use applications on employment and income opportunities of end users.

Date: November 2018


Global Off-Grids Lighting Association




Sustainable development


Central & South Asia