The benefits of improved cooking solutions

The Gold Standard Foundation commissioned Vivid Economics to estimate the economic value of co-benefits from Gold Standard-certified improved cookstove projects. These co-benefits relate to climate, health, ecosystem protection, economic opportunity, poverty reduction and other development outcomes, and are linked directly to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals. The study finds that for every carbon credit issued from an improved cookstove project, the value of co-benefits amounts to $267. For domestic biogas projects the value of co-benefits is particularly high, at $465 per credit. The net benefit of Gold Standard’s improved cooking solutions portfolio adds up to $2.6 billion per annum and a total of $11.6 billion to date.

To estimate the value of improved cooking co-benefits, Vivid reviewed relevant recent literature on the impacts of cookstoves, valuation methodologies, and primary data from all projects that have issued Gold Standard carbon credits to date. The study disaggregates methods and results by region and per technology-fuel combination for all co-benefits. Based on this research, Vivid created a forward-looking tool that allows prospective improved cookstove project supporters to understand with which technologies and in which geographies they might achieve the greatest impact on the SDGs.

Date: June 2019


Gold Standard Foundation




Sustainable development


Central & South Asia