Terms of Reference for the Office of Energy

This report, supported by npower, builds on an initial report that made the case for a new role in the energy sector to enhance confidence by providing trusted and clear analysis. This report considers the form and function of such an institutional role, and develops Terms of Reference for three options to illustrate how current or new institutions could deliver the required role and how they could be established. First, the report clarifies the purpose, activities and scope of the Office. It then considers the appropriate institutional form, based on an analysis of organisations across government and comparison with existing energy bodies. Finally, it synthesises nine best practice elements of a Terms of Reference from the founding documents of similar bodies and describes three options for the energy sector according to these elements. The purpose of these Terms of Reference is to provide options for stakeholders to consider and debate as they consider the future institutional landscape of energy in the UK.

Date: December 2015


RWE npower




Market Design & Economic Regulation