Supporting clients through the short-term impacts and rebound trajectory of Covid-19

Crisis Response

Covid-19 response strategy (Tees Valley Combined Authority): Vivid Economics is supporting TVCA in translating the short, medium and long-term impacts of the Covid-19 crisis into regional impact, identifying the enterprises and demographics which are likely to be most affected, and develop and prioritise regional Government’s response mechanisms. For more information, contact the team here

Demand for transport in and after the recovery period: Vivid Economics is supporting a number of transport infrastructure owners (both public transport and highways) to determine the level of demand for their assets in the short and medium term as a result from lockdown restrictions, behavioural changes and economic slowdown following the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information, contact the team here

Green stimulus

Building Back Better Neighbourhoods and Places: To level up life chances, we must invest in liveable neighbourhoods in low income neighbourhoods. Nothing would be more visible that this as an act of levelling up. The disparity in quality of neighbourhoods affects lives so much. In neighbourhoods where the streets are grey and there is no greenspace, mental wellbeing is depressed and the chance of getting diabetes and some forms of cancer is higher. Instead of a zero per cent share of the capital budget on greening neighbourhoods in the March Budget 2020, around 1 per cent of the £640 billion of gross capital investment on roads, railways, communications, schools, hospitals and power networks by 2024-25, spent on greening the poorest neighbourhoods and creating peri-urban parks, would have a huge impact and offer outstanding value for money.

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Bounce Back Greener: The Economic Impact Potential of a Clean Energy Jobs Fund in the USA: Vivid Economics is undertaking economic and financial modelling to determine the role that a climate bank could play in the US post-Covid stimulus package in supporting private sector investment and employment. For more information, contact the team here 

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Building back better – the case for a Green stimulus in the UK: Vivid Economics is reviewing evidence in favour of a green stimulus in the UK on behalf of WWF. For more information, contact the team here

Greenness of Stimulus Index: Vivid Economics, in partnership with Finance for Biodiversity (F4B), has produced the Green Stimulus Index to interpret stimulus packages announced globally in response to Covid-19, how much money is flowing where and what this means for nature. For more information, contact the team here