Results-Based Financing

Vivid Economics was commissioned by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program to provide an economic assessment of Results Based Financing approaches as a means of supporting energy access and energy efficiency investments. The objective of the work is to develop a conceptual framework of when and where different forms of Results Based Financing approaches should be used and then illustrate this framework through the development of concrete case study examples.  The work is to inform the ESMAP programme specifically and the World Bank more generally of when this form of financial assistance would be most appropriate to use within its toolkit of interventions.

Vivid economics was also involved in a case study, on the market for cleaner and more efficient cooking in schools in Kenya and Uganda that illustrates that the economic framework outlined in the main report is fit for choosing and designing a results-based financing (RBF) mechanism in real world circumstances.

The case study is available for download here.

Date: May 2013


Energy Sector Management Assistance Program




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