Private sector set-asides of the Strategic Climate Fund

The set-asides of the CIF Strategic Climate Fund (SCF) are over $200m of concessional climate finance resources earmarked for leveraging private sector investment into projects and programmes compatible with the underlying objectives of each of the SCF programs. The CIF Administrative Unit asked Vivid Economics to review the process to date, in particular to assess whether the set-asides have stimulated innovative  private sector projects across a range of countries, with support of the MDBs. To do this, Vivid interviewed a wide range of stakeholders, including project developers, the CIF AU, MDBs, and sub-committee members and stakeholders also completed an online questionnaire. The study was shared at the November 2014 CIF meetings and used as the basis for making recommendations on the future of the set-asides.

The assessment is available for download here.

Date: November 2014






Sustainable development