PAYG market attractiveness index report

In this report, Vivid developed a pay as you go market attractiveness index for 14 Sub-Saharan African countries. The work involved substantial stakeholder engagement with policy makers and project developers of PAYG products, to develop an index for market attractiveness structured around:

(i) assessing the potential market size, ability and willingness to pay of customers for PAYG energy services relative to alternative energy access options,
(ii) understanding the constraints and barriers throughout the supply chain to entry into the off-grid PAYG energy sector, including access and method of finance, partnership with mobile money agents, mobile connectivity and so on,
(iii) detailing the enabling environment factors and pre-requisites for successful development of the PAYG sector, that is the policy and regulatory framework specifically for energy access investment at a national level.

The result of the project is an interactive Excel-based index and short report to provide clear and accessible information to policy makers, project developers, and investors on the state of readiness of various African countries for development of the off-grid PAYG market. It is a flagship index for the Lighting Global programme, with plans to extend the country coverage and potentially indicator coverage in the future. It provides a clear source of information for policy makers and investors on the potential for PAYG markets to expand, and the constraints to this market development.

Date: November 2018


International Finance Corporation




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