Meeting the low-carbon growth challenge

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) contracted Vivid Economics to write a background paper on Asia’s potential for low carbon growth, and the theme chapter of its annual flagship publication, Asian Development Outlook 2016. For the theme chapter, Vivid Economics synthesised results from eight background papers, including its own, to produce narrative that outlined how Asia is vulnerable to climate change, the costs and pathways towards low carbon growth, and the necessary policy measures. This output was co-authored by the ADB and Vivid Economics. For the background paper, using export and patent data, Vivid Economics produced a detailed analysis that mapped comparative advantage and technological specialization in climate change mitigation technologies across Asia. This analysis had previously not been undertaken for the continent. In producing these outputs, Vivid Economics engaged with academics, participated in workshops, and put together a rich database of export and patent information for low carbon technologies in Asia.

Date: October 2016


The Asian Development Bank




Market Design & Economic Regulation
Technology & Innovation


Central & South Asia
East Asia & Pacific