Levelling Up and Building Back Better Through Urban Green Infrastructure: An Investment Options Appraisal

To level up life chances, we must invest in liveable neighbourhoods in low income neighbourhoods. Nothing would be more visible that this as an act of levelling up. The disparity in quality of neighbourhoods affects lives so much. In neighbourhoods where the streets are grey and there is no greenspace, mental wellbeing is depressed and the chance of getting diabetes and some forms of cancer is higher. Instead of a zero per cent share of the capital budget on greening neighbourhoods in the March Budget 2020, around 1 per cent of the £640 billion of gross capital investment on roads, railways, communications, schools, hospitals and power networks by 2024-25, spent on greening the poorest neighbourhoods and creating peri-urban parks, would have a huge impact and offer outstanding value for money

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Commissioned by the National Trust on behalf of the partners of the Future Parks Accelerator