How the UK can end its contribution to climate change

This report was commissioned by WWF to assess the feasibility of a net zero emissions target in the UK. This work takes place against the backdrop of an international net zero discussion, that is capturing attention around the world. Net zero targets require challenging issues of how fast emissions must decline in difficult sectors (e.g. industry and agriculture) and the role of negative emissions options (e.g. BECCS and alternatives land use options). In the UK, the government is now exploring the feasibility of implementing a net zero target. In this context, Vivid Economics conducted a sector-by-sector analysis of fast the UK can meet net-zero emissions through domestic action. The study concluded that net zero by 2050 is feasible from the perspective of key technical considerations, and that an earlier date may be possible in the case of strong international collaboration an demand reduction.

Date: November 2018




Agriculture, Forestry & Land Use
Industry Manufacturing & Mining


Net Zero Transitions