Economic, fiscal and sectoral impacts of carbon pricing in Turkey

Vivid Economics was commissioned by the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, in conjunction with the World Bank’s Partnership for Market Readiness, to provide quantitative modelling of the economic impact of possible carbon pricing instruments in Turkey.

The report will build on PMR Turkey’s current evidence base to inform whether and how Turkey should consider carbon pricing policies. The approach combines the use of the Vivid Economy-Wide (ViEW) model – a recursive dynamic CGE model, TIMES – a bottom-up energy-technology-environmental systems model, and Vivid’s proprietary Industrial Market Model (IMM). This holistic approach captures both broad macroeconomic and inter-sectoral impacts as well as detailed sector-specific impacts on technology and competitive dynamics. Vivid Economics will also hold training workshops for key Ministry staff to enable them to run the modelling tools themselves and extend the analysis to consider new contexts and policy scenarios in the future.

Date: June 2018



Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation


Industry Manufacturing & Mining


Carbon Markets
Technology & Innovation
Trade, Investment & Competitiveness


East Asia & Pacific