Delivering Green Growth for a Prosperous Indonesia

Vivid was commissioned by the Global Green Growth Institute to assist in drafting the Green Growth Roadmap for Indonesia.

The document offers a guide to how Indonesia can maintain its impressive record of economic performance in recent decades while reducing the unsustainable economic, social and environmental burdens that have accompanied past growth. It examines opportunities to move towards green growth within and across key sectors of the economy and presents case studies of projects and initiatives already underway and which would benefit from scaling-up. The document also lays out the enabling conditions needed to build a conducive investment climate to boost green growth, with particular attention to mainstreaming green growth in development planning; enhancing spatial planning and strategic environmental assessment; applying techniques for assessing and designing green investments; and monitoring and measuring the performance of projects and policies. It concludes by offering a preliminary vision for Indonesia’s green growth future along with a detailed suite of priority actions for achieving it over the next 35 years.

Date: September 2016


Global Green Growth Institute




Geospatial & Big Data Analytics
Sustainable development


East Asia & Pacific