Carbon taxation and fiscal consolidation in Europe

This report considers carbon fiscal measures, including energy taxes and the EU emission trading scheme, in light of the need for fiscal consolidation in Europe. It shows that they are an overlooked component in Europe’s fiscal armoury, and that they can raise new fiscal revenues at lower macroeconomic costs than alternative taxes.

The report was prepared for the Carbon and Energy Tax Reform in Europe (CETRiE) project, a collaboration between the European Climate Foundation and Green Budget Europe. It has been translated, in parts, into French, German, Hungarian, and Spanish.

A presentation on the same topic prepared for the UKNEE annual conference is also available below.

The executive summary is available for download here.

The report is available for download here (French), here (German), here (Hungarian), here (Polish), and here (Spanish).

The presentation is available for download here.

Date: May 2012



Carbon and Energy Tax Reform in Europe


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