Blueprint for Business Leadership on the SDGs

The Blueprint provides a framework for those companies aiming towards SDG leadership. It presents leadership as an evolving process as businesses continuously repeat three steps: principled prioritisation of potential positive and negative impacts, taking action on them, and sharing learnings internally and externally. Leading action on the SDGs needs five leadership qualities: intentionality, ambition, consistency, collaboration, and accountability. Conclusively, the Blueprint identifies key actions that businesses can take to advance the SDGs in a series of 17 SDG Briefs. These Briefs highlight how businesses can apply the five qualities framework and account for the inherent interconnectedness of the SDGs to ensure that their action is leading. The first drafts of all Briefs were launched on the 21st September in New York, where the Blueprint took centre stage as this year’s headline publication at the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit.

Date: September 2017


UN Global Compact


Industry Manufacturing & Mining


Sustainable development


Central & South Asia
East Asia & Pacific
Latin America & Caribbean
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