Accelerated Electrification and the GB Electricity System

Vivid was asked by the Committee on Climate Change to assess the ability of the electricity system to cope with rapid deployment of electric heat and transport technologies to meet a net zero emissions target. The study found that achieving accelerated electrification is feasible with immediate and sustained effort. Local onshore wind, offshore wind and solar PV resource were found to be capable of meeting new demand. The study also identified the policy reforms needed to drive the necessary change. To reach these results Vivid carried out detailed electricity system modelling using two sophisticated modelling tools: Imperial College’s Whole-electricity System Investment Model (WeSIM) and the Load Related Expenditure (LRE) model. We also applied a GIS-based constraints analysis to identify the size of the UK renewable resource.

Date: May 2019


UK Committee on Climate Change


Transport & Logistics


Net Zero Transitions