A UK investment strategy: building back a resilient and sustainable economy

WWF commissioned Vivid to develop a UK investment strategy for building back a resilient and sustainable economy. To identify specific areas of investment, we considered the potential to build environmental resilience in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, address the climate crisis and improve quality of life. For the UK context, it is also important to consider the investment impact on the levelling up of regions as well as overall economic resilience. The report shows that the co-benefits far outweigh additional immediate spending, the growth opportunities and, indeed, the costs of inaction. The net zero transition could yield over £90bn of annual benefits to the UK. This is the result of wider improvements to human health and the natural environment alongside unlocking substantial business opportunities for the UK – all key in building a more resilient and better economy. The report identifies £30bn+ investments annually in the short term to put the UK on a net zero pathway.

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