Adam Hawkes

Associate Director

Adam’s research focuses on methodologies for quantitative assessment of energy systems. Building from engineering fundamentals, he analyses the technical, economic, security and environmental aspects of energy system transitions and then applies these to provide evidence to both engineering and energy policy debates.

He is an expert in analytical assessment of individual technologies and systems of technology and infrastructure. Adam explores the key characteristics of technologies that can be pivotal in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions at low cost as well as investment strategy scenarios.

In addition to his role at Vivid, he is also Director of the Sustainable Gas Institute and a Reader in Energy Systems at Imperial College, where he leads the development of MUSE (ModUlar energy system Simulation Environment). MUSE is a new type of energy system model that takes account of real world investor decision making and technological innovation processes. The MUSE framework can be used to access strategic scenarios of energy system investment in terms of timing, location and purpose. For example, examining in the impact of changes in global gas markets on trade and price. More information on MUSE here.

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