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Strengthen national climate policy implementation: Comparative empirical learning & creating linkage to climate finances

Vivid Economics contributed to a project to strengthen national climate policy implementation, the findings of which have now been published by the project donor – the German Ministry for the Environment’s International Climate Initiative. The German Institute for Economic Sciences (DIW) coordinated the project which involved stakeholders from South Africa, India, Brazil and Indonesia. Vivid Economics contributed the literature review on transformative change in the cross-country Transformational change towards low-carbon development in emerging economies report, and to the literature review on renewable energy models in the Climate finance to transform energy infrastructure as part of a just transition in South Africa report.

Greenness of Stimulus Index

Over the past months the world has witnessed unprecedented government financial interventions in response to COVID-19. Governments have rightly put people first and focussed on the immediate implications of the crisis. But analysis by Vivid Economics concludes that announced stimulus to date will have a net negative environmental impact in 16 of the G20 countries and economies. As a result, the vast majority of the money going to business in the short term could be risking future environmental sustainability.

The coronavirus shows us that our fate is inextricably linked to that of the natural world. Governments might be inadvertently creating conditions which make things worse when they have the opportunity and responsibility to ensure short-term emergency measures lead to a better more resilient future.

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The team were responsive, flexible and able to turn around detailed materials in a short time period

Adam Molleson (ICED Facility)

I have found Vivid very professional and the quality of work really impressive

Will McGoldrick (WWF Australia)

The research was undertaken at a level of professionalism that made it credible to our entire audience

Stephen Boucher (European Climate Foundation)

The analysis tells a powerful story and could really be a useful tool in advocating land use change

Harry Bowell (National Trust)

Vivid had valuable input on current practices and market behaviour

Gleice Lima (Global Canopy Programme)

Knowledgeable and friendly team to work with

Nick Oakes (Global Canopy Programme)

I find the working relationship one of the highlights of working with Vivid Economics

Oliver Knight (ESMAP World Bank)

Vivid were extremely hands on and matched the demands of the situation

Kashmala Kakahkhel & Charlotte Finsbury (Climate and Development Knowledge Network)

Vivid were extremely responsive to our requests

Owen Pascoe (Australian Energy Market Commission)

Vivid have good availability and react well to feedback on work they have completed

Kristian GjerlØv-Juel (Danske Commodities A/S)

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