Accelerating the EV transition: environmental and economic impacts

This report covers selected impacts on the economy and the environment. It highlights a few important costs and benefits but further work is required to move from this analysis to a detailed impact and feasibility assessment. This analysis also makes clear the significant scale of the transition from conventional vehicles on the manufacturing sector. Our detailed sub-sector analysis suggests a mapping of impacts by sub-sector (for example engines, parts, assembly) is required to identify the right interventions, which will vary for each skill set.

An important feature of this report is use of scenario analysis to investigate how UK-based EV manufacture could change. Scenarios are plausible narratives about the future that are useful in the context of uncertainty and are not intended to be predictive. The scenarios all entail increased UK production of EVs as they take place in the context of the UK becoming a leading European player in electric vehicles and ambitious Government commitments.

Practice areas