A valuation of the natural capital of the Cam and Ely-Ouse catchment

Vivid teamed up with Cranfield University for this report, which assessed the value of natural assets in the Cam and Ely-Ouse (CamEO) catchment. The estimated flow of ecosystem services are valued between £200 million to £320 million per year in the CamEO catchment. These services include: provisioning services (agriculture, timber and water abstraction: £64m – £179m), regulating services (carbon sequestration: £1.7m) and cultural services (recreational benefits: £135m).

The results are based on a partial assessment with a range of important services requiring more detailed modelling, including flood risk mitigation and water purification services. There are also particular challenges for valuing biodiversity. The report provides illustrative evidence to highlight that people (including farmers, water companies, other business, households and wider society) place significant value on biodiversity in the catchment.