Practice areas

Public and Private Finance

Financial markets are at the heart of economic activity, forming a complex system of private and public institutions that drive how we save, borrow, invest and manage risks. For both private and public financial institutions to play a productive economic role and achieve strong long-term performance, it is essential they understand the  macro- and micro-economic dynamics, individual and organizational behaviours, and broader social and environmental factors affecting the pricing and mispricing of assets in financial markets.

We offer a deep understanding of how financial markets function, and how they are affected by a breadth of forces.  We provide strategic insights that inform the decisions of private financial institutions (FI), public treasuries, central banks, and other financial regulators. We offer cutting-edge analysis and proprietary tools across a number of core thematic areas, including sovereign debt structuring and management; environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks and opportunities; organisational and regulatory impacts on FI behaviour; global macro-economic and monetary trends; and financial system stability and systemic risk.