Practice areas

Natural Resources

The efficient development, extraction and management of exhaustible and renewable resources is a major contributor to economic output and quality of life. Achieving this has become a growing challenge, owing to environmental pressures and resource scarcity, large demand and price fluctuations, and complex land rights concerns and resulting conflict. Navigating this effectively requires a systemic understanding of natural systems, economic systems, socio-political systems and their interrelations.

We deliver the best possible decision support across this complex and diverse range of issues, covering: rights management; rent extraction and taxation; asset management planning; public, private and mixed financing; funding investment in developing and emerging economies; specifying the role of institutions; regulatory design; access regimes; tariffs; risk allocation; and franchising and concessions. Our analysis of the interface between policy and commerce is amongst the best in the world, gained from the experience which we continuously distil into our analytical frameworks.

We have leading expertise in water, fisheries, forestry, minerals and hydrocarbons, and have served a wide range of governments, financial institutions and businesses across the globe.