Practice areas

Growth and Development

The challenge of securing sustainable and inclusive economic growth across the globe is fundamental to human well-being. From advanced economies facing a sectoral slowdown and stagnating median incomes, to emerging economies enjoying rapid growth in the shadow of increasing environmental and macro-economic risks, to low-income countries seeking to move onto new growth pathways, the need for a smart understanding of economic growth and development has never been greater.

We have an established track record in bringing the latest economic thinking to bear, levering our expertise in growth modelling (orthodox and non-orthodox), public finance, monetary policy, labour markets, resource scarcity, and international trade and investment. We work with government departments, multilateral development banks, development organisations and the private sector to help them respond to challenges and opportunities within this rapidly evolving environment. We have particular expertise on the links between climate change policies and impacts and growth and development opportunities.

High profile and influential reports characterise our work in this area. Recent reports have focused on topics such as the use of public finance to scale-up private sector investment in the developing world, how prizes and other innovative finance mechanisms can be used to promote development goals, and the role of gender equality in promoting economic development.