Practice areas

Energy and Industry

The energy and industrial sectors face enormous challenges and opportunities driven by unprecedented economic changes. Among the forces shaping these sectors are rapidly changing supply and demand conditions for fossil fuels and other materials, the emergence of renewable energy and deep energy efficiency improvements, new technologies that enable smarter networks, and energy market reforms that change the traditional value chain and regulatory frameworks. Underlying much of this is steady but uneven progress in climate change policies across countries. The result is significant uncertainty around future energy and industrial development pathways.

We are established leaders in thinking in this field, levering our expertise in energy systems, industrial supply chains, natural resource management and innovation. Our expertise and analytic tools allow us to assess the effects of policy on prices, market shares, firm profits, emission and abatement incentives, energy efficiency, and growth. They also enable us to show the effect of market and macroeconomic developments on policy and provide advice on robust policy design.

We serve a wide range of public and private sector clients, providing advice in such areas as energy and industrial policy design, commercial market-growth and acquisition strategy, investment risk and returns, infrastructure planning and assessments, and innovation threats and opportunities. We have deep expertise in oil and gas, refining, power, renewables, infrastructure, energy intensive industries and shipping.