Practice areas

Competitiveness and Innovation

Competitiveness and innovation are of fundamental concern to managers and investors, as well as policy makers. For firms, they drive the ability to generate profits and achieve market share. For governments, they determine fundamental earning power and growth potential. In an increasingly global economy, with newly emerging firms and markets, it has become more and more challenging to create competitive advantage and remain at the forefront of innovation.

We have a deep understanding of the macro forces shaping the competitive environment and of its potential consequences across sectors and value chains. We offer cutting-edge proprietary analysis of the effects of business cost changes, market structure, demand conditions and terms of trade on product pricing, customer demand, volume of sales, profitability, market share, entry and exit. We also bring an understanding of innovation horizons, their effect on market dynamics, and on the business strategies to manage risks and capitalise on opportunities. At a national and international level, we combine analysis of consumer, firm and sector dynamics to identify opportunities for economic growth and to design growth-enhancing policies in trade, education, infrastructure and RD&D.

We have completed ground-breaking work in this area as advisors to some of the world’s leading firms and governments. Please note that due to their commercially sensitive nature most of our reports in this practice area are confidential.