Practice areas

  • Energy and Industry

    The energy and industrial sectors face enormous challenges and opportunities driven by changes in market structure, shifts in global supply and demand, and the underlying transition toward a low carbon economy.

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  • Public and Private Finance

    Financial markets form the heart of our economic system, and an understanding of financial market dynamics is critical to the performance and economic contribution of private financial institutions, public treasuries, and central banks.

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  • Growth and Development

    Securing sustainable and inclusive economic growth across the globe is fundamental to economic prosperity, environmental stewardship, and broader human development and well-being.

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  • Natural Resources

    The efficient development, extraction and management of exhaustible and renewable resources is a major contributor to economic output and quality of life, and is critical to the long-term maintenance of natural capital.

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  • Competitiveness and Innovation

    Competitiveness and innovation are of fundamental concern to managers and investors, as well as policy makers. They drive the ability of companies to generate profits and achieve market share, and the ability of countries to create strong and lasting growth.

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  • Cities and Infrastructure

    Urbanisation is a defining phenomenon of this century, and effective patterns of city and infrastructure development increase growth and living standards, create business and employment opportunities, reduce environmental footprint, and foster social inclusion.

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